First of all, happy new year! I hope this year brings you everything you wished and hoped for. Inevitably this also is the time for resolutions. My resolutions, fashion wise? To keep doing exactly what I have been doing. I started with new wardrobe and shopping rules back in September and they’re working out great for me. Therefore I decided to collage everything I bought since I’m on this strict regime, as there won’t be any new additions this season. I reached my limit, something you might have read already.

2014 Style Resolutions 140102-01 © NeverTooPolished

I allowed myself to buy five ‘expensive’ items, and everything above fifty euros was considered expensive. These items had to be timeless, in order for me to wear them for years. Shoes, bags, basics, everything but accessories counted. I ended up with two pairs of boots, two big knits and a very impulsive bohemian buy. With these buys I was able to strike off two items of my long term wish list, something I’m very happy about.

2014 Style Resolutions 140102-03 © NeverTooPolished

In addition I was able to buy three trendy items, all below fifty euros. I went for a printed sweater, since I’m a sucker for those. A pair of leopard slip ons, as I fell in love with slip ons during summer. And initially wanted to pull the trigger on quite expensive Sandro ones, which I just couldn’t justify in this particular print. I also aimed for a skirt, and since pinstripes are a definite it-print after Stella McCartney’s March show, I went for a pinstriped one. Pretty timeless for a trendy item though!

2014 Style Resolutions 140102-02 © NeverTooPolished

Then I was allowed to buy three extra basics, also all below fifty. Two of them came from Zara, a black knit and striped shirt. And as third item I went for pinstriped pants. I kinda regret these buys though, they hardly ever spend any time out of the closet. Which is why I might not go for the additional three basics next season.

2014 Style Resolutions 140102-04 © NeverTooPolished

Last but not least, I was allowed to buy four new coats outside of the shopping rules this season. Since I had to replace a few that were completely worn out, a little too small or simply tossed. And if I would’ve made these count, I would’ve reached my limit in no time. I did however want them to be somewhat timeless and not really expensive, which is something I totally succeeded in. All four of them came from high street chains.

I’m real happy with all of the purchases, except for the three additional basics. And I’m quite proud of myself for resisting temptation over the past months. Next season it will just be the five ‘expensive’ items and additional three trendy ones. Let’s see how I’ll cope with that!

My only goal left for 2014 is to photograph and sell all of the wonderful stuff that got eliminated from my closet when I applied my new rules. Anyone who would be interested in that? Whether you are or not, what are your new year’s resolutions?!




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