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If you read between the lines you could’ve known that I reached my shopping limit back in October already. And we’re not talking late October here – we’re talking early October – as in the first days of October. And I must admit that you guys haven’t seen all of the new stuff yet, but that’s just because of an old trick I stole from my mother. Bottom line is, I haven’t been shopping for over two and a half (almost three) months. And to be honest, it’s not that hard.

If you just commit and focus on your goals, temptation really is nothing. It’s actually much more rewarding not to buy all of the pretty stuff you find within your budget. It feels really good to resist and the rewarding feeling afterwards sure lasts a hell of a lot longer than the good, warm and fuzzy feeling you get after you bought something really amazing. Who would’ve thought… Right now I’m even able to walk through Zara without the urge to buy or try something. And Zara used to be quite a temptation for me!

Of course there were a few things down the line that almost got me to buy them, but I’m really proud I didn’t. What those things were? For instance, a leopard coat and tartan t-shirt from Zara. A pair of hairy, Isabel Marant ish heels from the same high street dominator. And the fox printed Carin Wester bomber, which is so much better than the original Reva version.

Then there was Isabel Marant pour H&M, which of course was a real big temptation. My favorites of the collection were the grey blazer and silver jacket, both no longer available on the web but you just might get lucky in one of the stores! Another H&M love is this cute puppy sweater that seems to scream my name. And when I spotted these Nike sneakers on a friend I knew I needed them in my life too.

Somewhere along the line I found out Nelly had a bunch of Hope sweaters on sale and I barely resisted the grey one. They’re awesome, I love mine in black and it was such a great deal. But I resisted, just like I didn’t let the most perfect Chloé boots I found on sale seduce me. I even coped with the recent restock of the Balenciaga and Laurence Dacade boots, which have been on my wish list for ever.

Last but not least there was this dress I felt I needed for New Year’s Eve, and which sure would’ve disappeared after that one wear. ‘Cuz I’m not really a dress kinda person, and this one is pretty out there.

But let’s talk about you, what’s your temptation!?

Grey Blazer Isabel Marant pour H&M Hairy BootsTartan Tee, Leopard Fur Zara Printed Bomber Carin Wester Puppy Sweater H&M Buckle Boots Balenciaga Black Dress My Favourite Musthaves Sneakers Nike Studded Boots Laurence Dacade – Silver Bomber Isabel Marant pour H&M Knit Hope Suede Boots Chloé




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